San Román spreads over 130 hectares of organically-grown vineyards which are being converted to biodynamic viticulture production in order to increase the organic matter and foster biodiversity in the soil.

The vines, which are mainly planted with the varieties Tinta de Toro, Garnacha and Malvasia, are 45 years old on average. Stony or sandy soils predominate with clay subsoils where the plant finds water in the driest periods. They are poor soils, which are loose and light on the surface and are ploughed and fertilised using our own compost to lighten the texture and make it easier for deeper root growth.

The yields are around 3,000 to 5,000 kilograms of grapes per hectare, limited by long periods of drought and low rainfall (200-400 mm a year) which are characteristic of this region which enjoys warm summers, plenty of hours of sun and strong thermal contrasts between the day and night following veraison.